Building/BD/Housing Today Solus email specifications

Please supply an email using the styles laid out in our template example at least five working days in advance of the planned send date.

An html file with the images already hosted is our preferred method. We’re not able to input code in Campaign Monitor due to our templates so we have to build the emails from scratch.

This means there are some design limitations as listed below:

• We can’t have any more than three columns in a row

• We can only create square images

• We’re unable to wrap text

Some clients choose to send us their email broken up into images for us to piece together to present a more complex design.


• Please remember to supply a subject line

• Supply all your colour codes and images

• Supply an email using our style template below that contains a good balance of both text and images – this ensures the email is still readable for recipients with image blocking. (such as anyone using Hotmail, Gmail or Outlook). As a general guide, at least 50% of the email should be made up of text with an absolute minimum of 35% text in order to get through the spam filters

• Don’t supply an email with no call to action within the text. This will limit the number of click-throughs due to image deliverability

• Don’t include any unsubscribe links

• Avoid using background images – they are not supported by Outlook 2007 or 2010

• Don’t supply an email composed of only images because they have a very high spam rating and are unlikely to be received by most recipients

Please note our “Building/BD/Housing Today” header will feature at the top of your email – this will help your response by connecting your message with our brand.

Building print specifications

Page size Bleed Trim Type area
Double page spread 291mm x 456mm 285mm x 450mm 245mm x 408mm
Full page 291mm x 231mm 285mm x 225mm 245mm x 192mm
Half double page spread 149mm x 462mm 146mm x 450mm 120mm x 408mm
Half page horizontal 120mm x 192mm
Half page vertical 245mm x 94mm
Quarter page (standard) 120mm x 94mm
Quarter page (horizontal) 57mm x 192mm

Please contact us if you need cover wrap, belly band or gatefold specifications

Copy requirements:

Formats: We accept both Macintosh and PC format artwork

Documents: We can only accept artwork created in InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator and Photoshop. Please do not send artwork using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Publisher

Fonts: Please embed fonts

Images: We accept high resolution (press optimised) pdfs*. Resolution of images must be 300dpi. Please embed fonts in eps’ and pdfs. We cannot accept gifs, or any other web images as the quality is insufficient for print.

• High res pdfs* (press optimised) sent via email is our preferred method. Please state company name and issue date in the subject of your email.

• We need 5mm bleed beyond the page edge of any images that extend to the page edge. Any text or graphics need to be positioned at least 5mm from the page edge, and the we need a pdf with no crop marks so that we can output the page ourselves to our printer’s specification

Colours: Colours must be saved as CMYK not RGB, Greyscale, Bitmap or Pantone, on both document and images

We cannot be held responsible for any errors if proofs are not supplied. If you would like accurate colour matching you must supply a matchprint, cromalin, iris or any other contract proof

*High resolution Acrobat V1.3 pdf files of pdf X-1a:2001 format created to PPA Pass4Press specification. (Note: Ensure a transparancy flattener is applied to the pdf preset when creating pdfs with Adobe InDesign). Please refer to http://www.pass4press.com/ for further information.

Print production contact details:

Name: Kate Ahira

Email: kate.ahira@building.co.uk

Building/BD/Housing Today online specifications

Leaderboard Package:


• 970x250 pixels: Can be viewed on desktop and tablet landscape

• 728x90 pixels: Can be viewed on tablet landscape

• 468x60 pixels: Can be viewed on small tablet portrait

• 320x50 pixels: Can be viewed on mobile devices

Format: GIF, JPEG, HTML 3rd party tags*

Max file size: 149 KB

URL: For gifs and jpegs an active URL must be supplied for the ad to link to



• 300x250 pixels: Can be viewed on all devices

• 300x600 pixels (jumbo): Can be viewed on desktop and tablet landscape

Format: GIF, JPEG, HTML 3rd party tags*

Max file size: 149 KB

URL: For gifs and jpegs an active URL must be supplied for the ad to link to

*If you would like to deliver HTML third party tags, please send your link 3 days before your campaign is due to go live as will need to test ahead of being trafficked. If you provide 3rd party creative tags, we cannot accept them if the initial load of the creative is more than 200kb.

Other requirements:

Flash: Please note that Flash fi les (.swf) will not be accepted

White creative: All white and light-coloured creative must have a dark one-pixel border

Readability: Type should be at least 20px for black print against white background. Fine print should be at least 15px. For light print against a dark background, consider larger type or boldface

Click into new window: All ads must click into a new browser window

Takeover Package includes:

Wallpaper: Supplied as below

Under nav: 1024x250 pixels

MPU: 300x250 pixels

Jumbo MPU: 300x600 pixels

Format: JPEG, PNG or static GIF. (wallpaper must be supplied as a jpeg)

Individual max file size: 149KB

URL: An active URL must be supplied for the ad to link to

Additions: 3rd party ad serving restricted to 1x1 pixel tracker and tracking URL only


Banner: 728x90 pixels

MPU: 300x250 pixels

For any spec queries please speak to your sales contact.